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photographer Georgie Greene taking a photograph in a Sydney street with bokeh city lights behind her

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Portraits, serve to freeze a special moment in time, creating lasting memories. Furthermore, they are a vital tool, as your visual signature, especially within the world of social media and marketing. Why not elevate your personal identity above all others? Commission Georgie Greene to create a high quality, flattering and unique portrait that tells your own story.

Portrait Photography Service Includes:

  • Initial Consultation: We will have a detailed chat about your goals, the location, and provide advice on what to wear, hair, and makeup.
  • We Can Come To You: We can visit you for convenience but still create high-quality images.
  • Setting Up Your Photoshoot: Once the location is chosen, we’ll be there, equipped with all the gear and lights you need.
  • Direction: Furthermore, we excel in suggesting different poses to bring out your best side.
  • Post-Production Excellence: We meticulously edit every photo to ensure high-quality images.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Taking just 3 business days from photo shoot to finished edited images.
  • Easy Access to Your Images: After editing, we promptly send your photos to a private online gallery, complete with a link for easy sharing.

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Additional Services Available:

  • Professional Photoshop Re-touching: Enhance your photos even further, opt for retouching a favourite image at just $30 per image.
  • Premium Photo Prints and Canvases: Additionally, you have the option to choose top-quality custom prints/canvases from Queensberry photo prints.

It’s all about the light. Photography means painting with light, and that’s what I love to do. Light is never the same twice, it can be challenging but always beautiful when you know how to see it.

Georgie Greene – Photographer

Nothing beats a well-crafted, high-quality photograph, that tells your own story.