long dark-haired woman wearing a long black formal gown and sitting on a bench in a hotel pool area while she is photographed for personal branding corporate headshot

Personal Branding Portraits

Personal Branding Photographer Georgie Greene creates a visual business card to showcase your vibe and style

What Is Personal Branding Photography?

A strong personal brand highlights your essence through a series of visual images. Furthermore, this branding photography can be used to tell your story to share with a target audience. Whether, you are building your personal brand within your career, or business, on social media, LinkedIn or for marketing.

Why Should You Invest In Building Your Own Personal Brand?

There are many reasons why you should be building a strong personal brand. Firstly, you might want to show a face behind your business and create more of a human vibe with your target audience. In addition, you may want to stand out from the crowd and highlight your professionalism and expertise. Or you might want to control your visibility within your digital footprint by putting out the best possible message about yourself. Lastly, you may just want to promote your talents or help sell your products with more of a personal approach.

Personal Branding Prices

Mini Package Ideal for start-ups
1 hour Photo Shoot
  • 1 x LinkedIn Headshot (retouched)
  • 5 x Bespoke Branding Shots
  • Unlimited Outfit/Looks
Premier Package Ideal for building your established brand further
120 min Photo Shoot
  • 1 x LinkedIn Headshot (retouched)
  • 15 x Bespoke Branding Shots
  • Unlimited Outfit/Looks

What To Expect From A Personal Branding Photo Session

Firstly, Georgie Greene will be your personal photographer. She will chat with you about your vision and how you would like to be photographed. You might want some simple individual branding portraits sitting in a chair or working at your computer. On the other hand, you might want to show yourself within a specific environment. Georgie will take a series of photographs within the location. Moreover, creating a choice of shots for you. Where you can change outfits to create more variety. Georgie will share her photographs during the session. To make sure she is capturing your vibe. In addition, Georgie will direct you through the whole process. Furthermore, helping you review the final images.

60 minute Photo Shoot – 1 x LinkedIn Headshot – 5 x bespoke images

Young Business Woman standing by a dark wall having her personal branding portrait taken by Georgie Greene Photography

Brooke was starting a new role and wanted to update her corporate photographs. Georgie met her in the CBD an hour before she was attending a morning meeting. Where they wandered about the area chasing the flattering natural light and Georgie took shots in different locations with a variety of looks.

90 minute Photo Shoot – 1 x LinkedIn Headshot – 10 x bespoke images

A young woman with long blonde hair wearing a cream suit having her LinkedIn headshot taken by Georgie Greene Photography

Sara was heading up a new department and therefore wanted to refresh her LinkedIn headshot. As well as needing branding shots for social media and a company website. Georgie met her at a city office building where they scoped out a few good locations together to not only get the right shots but also have variety. Also, Sara wanted a few relaxed informal shots too.

What We Offer

No need to waste time going to a photo studio. As we come to your office, home or chosen location.

Firstly, before a photo shoot, there is a detailed consultation about your vision, the location and wardrobe. You will also be sent this Link on How to prep for a photo shoot. Where, it shows tips on what to wear, make-up and hair.

During the photo shoot, we teach the right poses. What’s more, we guide our clients through the right facial looks. Hence, resulting in great portraits.

Finally, the RAW images are ready to review and shortlist within 48 hours after the photo session. Once you have made your selection the final retouched images are ready within 48 hrs after the final payment.

Furthermore, images for shortlisting are delivered to an online gallery for easy choice.

On the other hand, shortlisting the right shots can be daunting for some clients. However, we offer our photo review service. Moreover, we help our clients to pick the best shots that align with their vision.

What’s more, we can create three sizes per image (portrait, square and landscape) ensuring the image quality is maintained.

In addition, we can create black and white versions providing further variety for your purposes.

black and white personal branding portrait of a young girl with dark curly hair and fair skin

Reputation is about credibility, your brand is about visibility and the values that you outwardly represent.”

Harrison Monarth – The Harvard Business Review

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