Overhead view of a variety of food including granola toast pastry snail burger and chips photographed by Georgie Greene Photography as a hero shot for a food delivery app


Food Photography Sydney

Firstly, food photography is playing an increasingly vital role in today’s digital age, where food photos can boost a restaurant’s sales by 25%. (Why Food Photography Is Important). Furthermore, people are turning to food delivery apps, more than ever before, to explore and order their meals. Therefore, the visual appeal of the food is very important for restaurants. In addition, showcasing the food with the right images is essential. What’s more, the photography needs to make the food stand out on competitive Sydney food delivery platforms like DoorDash, Menulog, and Uber Eats.

Smart Phone Food Photography VS Professional Food Photography

Of course, it is quick, cheap and easy to photograph food with a smartphone these days. However, these amateur photographs can negatively impact the sale of menu food items, with bad lighting where there are too many shadows or not enough light. A phone is placed too close to food which distorts the image or makes it out of scale. Also, colours can be incorrect when a food item is photographed with only the house lights. This usually makes the food look orange and inedible. In addition, a food image may not be in focus or the image is too blurred at the edges which reduces the texture of the food.

Conversely, a professional food photographer brings so much more that will showcase menu food items correctly. Furthermore, they will photograph food in the best and correct light. Likewise, they show the correct scale of the food at the most flattering angle. They make sure the colour and texture of the food are representational and especially inviting to eat. Consequently increasing the sale of menu items.

Why Is Menu Food Delivery Photography Different?

Food Delivery Apps show food as small thumbnails. Furthermore, the food must be ‘The Star’ of the photo. Where the images must show the food clearly and in high quality. The photographs of food images are practical rather than creative. Lastly, the food needs to be shot at the best camera angle and composition, and equally important is the correct use of lighting, colour and textures to show off the food at its best.

Finally, Sydney food photographer Georgie Greene knows how to shoot food images for your food delivery apps that will expertly make all your menu dishes stand out. Furthermore, good food images will turn into a flood of orders across your food delivery platforms. Lastly, she charges realistic prices that will show big returns for your restaurant.

What We Offer

Firstly, we will chat with you about your goals

Upon arriving at your restaurant, we will quickly create a lighting set-up on a cafe table.

Working within a limited timeframe.

Georgie will shoot the dishes with the dishes the best light, using the correct camera angles for maximum appeal.

Georgie edits the images to a high quality.

The Food images are ready within 24 hrs of the photo shoot.

Clients can easily download the final images for a supplied digital link.

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