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Prep Tips For Outstanding Corporate Headshots

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Here are some prep tips to follow when having your professional headshot taken. You will only refresh your headshot every few years and then your image will be ‘set in stone’ for a while. Therefore, you want to be sure you look your very best. In addition, you want to portray the right impression to your clients colleagues and customers.

A headshot or portrait needs to focus on the face and particularly the eyes and there shouldn’t be any distractions. Furthermore, you want to look approachable and confident but also express your authentic and unique self.

The choice of what you wear should make you feel comfortable and confident as this will show through the lens.

Georgie Greene Photography has seen it all after taking numerous headshots and she offers the following tips for your corporate headshot photoshoot.

Prep Tips for Corporate Headshots

What to Wear


  • Don’t wear something you feel you should wear but it just doesn’t feel comfortable.
  • Try to avoid clothes that show too much skin
  • Avoid tight or loose-fitting clothes
  • Wear something from you existing wardrobe that you enjoy wearing.


  • Solid colours tend to look better than prints as what’s more, prints distract from the face.
  • Wear a colour that matches your eyes or compliments your colouring
  • Is there a particular colour people compliment you on when you wear it?
  • Don’t ignore wearing white or black as they look great on camera
  • If you do go with a print, make sure it’s not too large or loud
  • Avoid large logos
  • Finally, if wearing more than one colour try to pick contrasting colours and not the same tones.


  • Either wear longer sleeves or not sleeves
  • Opt for simple lines and shapes
  • Don’t wear plunging necklines
  • Avoid see-through or shear clothing


  • Don’t wear long necklaces, as furthermore, they will be cut off in the cropped headshot
  • Therefore, simple earrings are better, as loud earrings can detract from the face
  • Don’t go overboard on jewellery – simple is best

Furthermore, if you get stuck, pick out a choice of clothing on the day of the shoot and the photographer can give you the final say on what would be great for you and the camera.


  • Don’t get your hair coloured right before the shoot, the best time to do it is about a week to two weeks before.
  • Washing your hair the day before can be beneficial, as it can reduce flyaway hairs.
  • People with long hair usually have it hung down their back to stop the hair from being cut off in the headshot when it’s cropped
  • Brush your hair before the photoshoot
  • Tidy eyebrows
  • Men should shave in the morning to minimise the appearance of stubble.

Make-Up Prep Tips

  • The photographer will be dusting you with light translucent face powder to reduce the shininess seen by the camera
  • Don’t pack on the foundation. Just wear light day make-up and Photoshop will do the rest
  • Don’t wear fake tan
  • Avoid lip gloss (as it blows out the highlights on your lips) – use pearl or matt lipsticks

Prep Tips for Your Well-Being


  • Make sure you are well-rested and try to have an early night
  • Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol the night before
  • If you don’t like having your photo taken, try not to be anxious. You are in the right hands here where the photographer aims to make you look your very best

Other prep Tips

  • Try to avoid going in the sun for a few days before your headshot photoshoot
  • Avoid facial peels and exfoliants the night before, as they will make you skin look blotchy
  • Make sure your skin is moisturised and use some lip balm
  • Your hands may or may not be seen in the shot therefore make sure your fingernails are clean or polished.
  • If you wear eyeglasses make sure they are clean.



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