Charlotte Gaisford's home taken by Georgie Greene Photography for her personal branding shoot

Personal Branding Photo Shoot With Charlotte Gaisford Designer

Charlotte Gaisford is a well-known UK wallpaper and fabric designer based in Northumberland.  Charlotte’s business has been operating for nearly 10 years. As a creative, she relies on visuals and branding to sell her products. She has a classic style of bright colours but is a ‘one-off’ in her industry.

She lives in a beautiful part of the World, in the depths of the Northumberland countryside, with rolling hills and dry stone walls. Where she has blended her setting into her branding. Charlotte has also woven into her image and brand a large array of classic furniture and objects d’or. Which is found around her home. Furthermore, they suit her fabrics and wallpapers beautifully.

Charlotte isn’t a fan of being in front of the camera. However, when she does, she is a total natural as she presents her ‘how to’ videos and fabric collections to her large online social media following. Georgie Greene Photography was hired to capture a personal branding portrait. For Charlotte’s website and socials which would suit her textile and wallpaper brand. Georgie wanted to show Charlotte’s brand of bright colours and classic designs with a touch of individuality thrown in.

Personal Branding Charlotte Gaisford

Therefore, the location of the portrait was Charlotte’s studio. The area is very light and bright. What’s more, there were fabric and wallpaper samples hung behind her in the background. Normally I ask people to stay away from bold colours and large designs when choosing what to wear for a portrait. But rules can always be broken. Where the choice of top that Charlotte wore was perfect. It showed her creativity. Moreover, Georgie created the portrait with only natural light. Where the photographer showed Charlotte leaning on her white desk which would reflect flattering light onto her face. The portrait is simple with an aim to show Charlotte surrounded by colour.

Georgie used natural light for another portrait. Where Charlotte looks out of a window in one of the bedrooms in her home. The cool light of Northumberland is great for portraits.

The photoshoot wasn’t complete without taking shots of Charlotte’s home. Where she shows off her fabrics and wallpaper designs.

This shoot is a great example of personal branding where a headshot just doesn’t cut it. The images have a long life on social media and Charlotte’s website.

Georgie knew exactly what I was trying to achieve with my new fabric collection and created a large variety of effective and beautiful photographs, to use in all social media platforms. She also took a wonderful portrait of myself that totally captured my brand. A very talented and versatile photographer, Georgie is so easy to work with and always delivers

Charlotte Gaisford, Managing Director

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