heartwood farm cottage behind a green hedge and tree

Inside A Marketing Photo Shoot At Heartwood Farm

Heartwood Farm is a two-bedroom luxury holiday cottage, uniquely nestled in the beautiful Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW. Where the owners, Nicole and Craig Spencer always need new photographic content for the holiday cottage for their marketing strategy, to bring in bookings all year round. Therefore, Georgie Greene Photography had a goal to create fresh but effective images of the cottage and its surrounds. Which would attract clients through social media and the website. Nicole and Craig wanted to attract professional couples to the property. Therefore the images needed to portray a romantic and relaxed feel.

Behind the scenes of The Photo Shoot

Georgie stayed in the cottage for a few nights before the photo shoot, which helped her get a feel of the place. Where, she would wake early to capture the beautiful morning light and take photographs of the property’s surroundings, including the birds, morning dew and the stunning sunrise. Furthermore, Georgie left her rubber boots in Sydney, as they are a must when walking the property first thing. Where, Nicole very kindly lent Georgie a spare pair.

Using the idyllic countryside as a backdrop at Heartwood Farm

Subsequently, Georgie hired professional models, husband and wife Talia and Marty. Moreover, they had great chemistry which helped achieve the ‘romantic’ vibe of the brief. We all had great fun taking photographs amongst the cows in the rustic green countryside. Resulting in images that firstly, emphasised the romantic atmosphere at the farm and secondly, the tranquillity.

Showing the luxury Of Heartwood Farm cottage

Then Georgie captured shots within the cottage itself. Where Talia and Marty enjoyed relaxing in bed. They wore high-end linen dressing gowns supplied by the cottage and relaxed in luxury bed linen drinking coffee. Georgie had some of the windows removed by Craig Spencer. So she could achieve different camera angles. Then it was off to the beautiful heated round pool. Where Tania and Matt enjoyed a romantic dip. Georgie was careful to not fall in with her expensive Sony camera. There were props of a cheese platter and ‘real’ red wine. Which Talia and Marty enjoyed while Georgie busily took the shots. Finally the fire pit was lit. Where we took romantic shots as the sun was going down.

Luxury Add-Ons

In addition, Georgie also captured the property’s facilities for hire which include:

  • World-class private chef – who created delicious roast lamb and canopies for the photo shoot that were quickly gobbled up by a hungry crew behind the scenes.
  • Yoga Teacher – Georgie met Fe Maryenne at 5 am where they took shots by the pool as the sun was rising.
  • Message and Beauty Therapist

It was a dream photo shoot in a beautiful area with amazing clients. I hope my photographs captured the essence of Heartwood Farm Cottage and that the bookings are filling up fast for Nicole and Craig.

Georgie was extremely professional and super easy to deal with.  Georgie understood the brief of capturing the essence of Heartwood Farm and her beautiful photography has made a tremendous positive impact on our social media platforms

Craig & Nicole Spencer, Heartwood Farm

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