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Not only is your professional business photo designed around making you look your very best. They will also empower your career or business.

Not only do well-crafted personal branding portraits, to tell your own story. They also make you look real to your target audience.

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Sydney professional headshots photographer Georgie Greene wearing black and crouching on the tram tracks in Sydney's cbd where she is taking a photograph at the same time her portraits are being taken

About Georgie Greene

As a result of choosing Georgie Greene, firstly, you have just found a great Sydney portrait photographer. Secondly, you can now tap into fair prices and great service. Lastly, you have found a photographer who wants to bring your vision to life.

However, Georgie’s best skill shines when she makes even the most camera-shy client feel safe in front of her camera lens. Additionally, Georgie shares her images with clients during a session, involving them in the process. Therefore, Georgie’s clients are often surprised at how great they look in their photos. Consequently, this can lead to boosting their self-confidence long term.

To sum up, it’s not only about taking a good headshot photo. Furthermore, it’s also about a client enjoying their photo session where they feel relaxed but in control. Which will create the best results for them and their goals.

Furthermore, expect a touch of British humour at a photo session. Firstly, laughter not only makes the photo shoot fun but secondly, it makes the client feel relaxed and at ease. Which brings out real facial expressions, and therefore creates real corp head shots and portraits.

Georgie has an artistic background and training, which can therefore add a creative touch to her pro headshots and portraits. As a result, they are unique. Equally important are well-composed and lit corporate photos, to make them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, Georgie can advise on the best image choice after a photo session, especially if a client finds choosing the final images confusing

Previously, Georgie had a corporate career for 23 years. As a result, she understands the role a headshot and personal branding play in the business World. Subsequently, Georgie can relate to her clients, where she can help them achieve the right headshot look for their purposes.

Also, Georgie likes to focus on giving extra value to her clients. Where, she provides simple pricing packages to suit all budgets, including, a choice of backdrops to use, with different image sizes and black-and-white versions available too.

Initially, Georgie will spend time with clients to understand their vision and what they are looking for with their professional business headshots. Consequently, Georgie can then translate their vision into the right professional headshots for their goals.

In summary, Georgie is committed to creating the best headshot photos in Sydney for her clients.

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